Kristian Scott

Kristian Scott


One thing I miss about social media is posting random thoughts and photos.

This 'micro-blog', which is a bit of an experiment, serves to scratch that itch.

Summer leaves, autumn falls

24th October 2023


Ahhh, my much neglected blog. We've finally had our fireplace repaired (only took ten months), and so once more I can inhabit 'Dad's Chair' and warm my feet.

Shaw Cairn

25th August 2023

Shaw Cairn, Mellor Moor, Cobden Edge

Although mostly back in the office, Fridays at home offer walking opportunities. This is a favourite spot, the very top of the hill opposite our house. It has a fascinating history, an ancient burial ground from over 4000 years ago. I like to eat sandwiches here.

Historic Reading Room

26th June 2023

Historic Reading Room, John Rylands Library

A special treat to work at the John Rylands Library for an hour before the general public was admitted. Feel blessed to work for, and in this environment.

Sunset over Mellor

15th May 2023

Spring is evolving into summer, and so most nights we get a beautiful golden hour where the sunset is mirrored on Mellor.

In my hometown

8th April 2023

Stratford upon Avon at night

Took a late evening walk around my teenage stomping ground and paid my respects to 'The Bard'. Stratford upon Avon after dark still holds a special magic.

Bollinhurst geese

27th January 2023

Needed to blow off the Friday cobwebs so boots on and up to Black Rocks, then down Bollinhurst reservoir which is finally full again. I pulled out my camera just as the geese flew over.

This is me (version 43)

24th January 2023

Kristian Scott (The University of Manchester)

New Year, new headshot. My hair is out of control, did the barbers re-open after Covid or did I miss the memo?

Snow on Kinder Scout

9th January 2023

Kinder Scout in the snow

My first post for 2023. Kinder Scout, a favourite spring and summer hiking spot. I only made it up there once last year, let's try and double that in 2023. It's presence at the end of my road will be an ongoing reminder.

Winter walk

13th December 2022

Lyme Park snow

My favourite spot, in all weathers. Felt like no time since I was up here with sunglasses, drinking water and cooling towels. Merry Christmas all, or whatever you do. 🎄 Link to more videos from today's walk.

Paying respects

21st September 2022

Queen Elizabeth flower tributes in St Anns Square, Manchester

On Sunday we took the train into Manchester to pay our respects to our late Queen. And also introduced the boys to Hard Rock Cafe, light and shade! 🎸

Mellor Cross

23rd August 2022

Mellor Cross, Manchester skyline

The hill opposite my house. The first week we moved in (over ten years ago!) I said "I'm going to walk to the top of that". Been going ever since.

Staying cool (Monsal Dale)

18th July 2022

Kristian in a waterfall

How have I gone so long without a blog?

Since my last post I've visited Norway, Denmark, Italy and London. This is me yesterday, staying cool in unique style.

Lego Delorean

20th April 2022

Lego Time Machine Delorean

"Wait a second, you build a time machine? Out of Lego?"

I was totally suckered in by the marketing on this one, they got me. Looking forward to building the Back to the Futures part II and III variations.

This is me.

12th April 2022

Kristian Scott outdoors

Older? Certainly. Wiser? Who knows, but my hair is growing rapidly so time for a more accurate corporate photo. Snapped on the borders of Lyme during a lunch ramble.

Payday present to myself

4th March 2022

Casio CA 53W digital watch

After three years of 24/7 wear, my Casio F91W finally gave up the ghost. Well, the strap did. So I've traded up to another retro Casio, this time a 1988 calculator watch. It's the same one that Marty wears in Back to the Future Part II and III. I'm in love.

The Three Peaks of Disley

10th February 2022

Black Rocks, Bowstones, The Cage (plus bonus trig point). All in a couple of hours last Friday. Also, my first video on the site!

Return to campus

27th January 2022

John Owens Building, Manchester

Felt unexpectedly emotional returning to campus today, the last two years catching up with me. Everything feels different.

Castle Naze

11th January 2022

Castle Naze clouds

We visited this spot between Christmas and New Year. Never seen clouds move like this; breathtaking. Here's a video.