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Lunch on the rocks

7th May 2021

Sandwich at Black Rocks

One of the best things about working from home is having my 'office sandwich' away from the desk. Photo taken at Black Rocks, Disley.

'New' vinyl

5th May 2021

WDW album cover

Found this childhood favourite in the £2 box at New Mills record shop. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Night hikes

27th April 2021

Factory at night

As the days get longer, I'm getting further afield with some late evening hikes. I took this shot before losing the sun completely and switching to torch light.

Cage Hill

22nd April 2021

Cage Hill, Lyme Park

The orienteering push continues, I have visited almost two thirds of the 'controls' in Lyme Park and have discovered some unique spots off the beaten track.

Stepping forwards

19th April 2021

Hoylake beach

Drove out to West Kirby beach for an old fashioned day at the seaside. I was snapping away on my iPhone and got lucky with this shot.


15th April 2021

orienteering post

I'm giving orienteering a stab. It's a competetive sport to many, but to me it's treasure hunting for grown ups. I found eight 'controls' today in Lyme Park, many more to go.

Friends reunited...

10th April 2021


Finally got back together with friends today after a bleak winter. I relaxed my recent veggie lifestyle for this steak. Oh, and it snowed.

First post

30th March 2021

Brookbottom Road

Another beautiful evening, a feeling of change in the air.