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Staying cool (Monsal Dale)

18th July 2022

Kristian in a waterfall

How have I gone so long without a blog?

Since my last post I've visited Norway, Denmark, Italy and London. This is me yesterday, staying cool in unique style.

Lego Delorean

20th April 2022

Lego Time Machine Delorean

"Wait a second, you build a time machine? Out of Lego?"

I was totally suckered in by the marketing on this one, they got me. Looking forward to building the Back to the Futures part II and III variations.

This is me.

12th April 2022

Kristian Scott outdoors

Older? Certainly. Wiser? Who knows, but my hair is growing rapidly so time for a more accurate corporate photo. Snapped on the borders of Lyme during a lunch ramble.

Payday present to myself

4th March 2022

Casio CA 53W digital watch

After three years of 24/7 wear, my Casio F91W finally gave up the ghost. Well, the strap did. So I've traded up to another retro Casio, this time a 1988 calculator watch. It's the same one that Marty wears in Back to the Future Part II and III. I'm in love.

The Three Peaks of Disley

10th February 2022

Black Rocks, Bowstones, The Cage (plus bonus trig point). All in a couple of hours last Friday. Also, my first video on the site!

Return to campus

27th January 2022

John Owens Building, Manchester

Felt unexpectedly emotional returning to campus today, the last two years catching up with me. Everything feels different.

Castle Naze

11th January 2022

Castle Naze clouds

We visited this spot between Christmas and New Year. Never seen clouds move like this; breathtaking. Here's a video.

Back in Chapel

17th December 2021

Chapel-en-le-Frith station

Our house in uninhabitable again because of the building work. So we're back in Chapel, where the railway station hasn't been updated since the war.

Lyme sunset

26th November 2021

Sun setting over Lyme Park

We lost the light on our walk, but what a beautiful loss.

WWE Leeds

12th November 2021

Leeds Arena interior

Back from another dalliance with my friends at WWE. Leeds venue was beautiful, a cross between an arena and a theatre. Hopefully the first of many in this format.

Sausage mummies

31st October 2021

Puff pastry sausages

The holiday season has officially begun. I've been knocking these Halloween treats out for years, even before kids. This year we had a plant based version (cringe).

Back to Rylands

14th October 2021

Historic Reading Room, John Rylands Library

This view always catches my breath. First time back since the beginning of the pandemic. Hopefully one of many trips between now and Christmas.

Newcastle reunited

19th September 2021

Newcastle docks

Lovely to be back in Newcastle with my old friends from the WWE. Came here on a stag do once, but didn't encounter the iconic bridge or Tyne!

Disney Magic

3rd September 2021

Disney Magic deck

Just completed a 'staycation' cruise aboard the Disney Magic, a ship that I first sailed on 23 years ago. We've both aged with grace.

Welcome to Chapel

19th August 2021

Close up of queso in a pan

Our house is currently a building site, so we've moved to Chapel-en-le-Frith in the High Peak. I'm enjoying all the new walks!

Mexican Night

30th July 2021

Close up of queso in a pan

Following the 'Taco Legend' queso recipe and arranging the ingredients into the shape of the Mexican flag. I'm glad things are opening because I think I'm starting to go crazy.

Mellor Cross dusk

16th July 2021

Manchester skyline from Mellor Cross

Evening walk opportunities don't come along too often at the moment, so I jumped at the chance to trot up to Mellor Cross. Manchester looking peaceful and dreamlike.

Newest old record

7th July 2021

Star Wars LP

Couldn't resist picking up this 1977 'Star Wars' LP from High Street Books, New Mills. It's older than I am and still sounds fantastic. First pick? The Cantina Song.

Vaccination #2

5th July 2021

Kristian Scott in Buxton

Drove out to Buxton for 'Jab: Part II'. Let's hope the sequel is better than the original, which didn't really work.

Uncaged at last

2nd July 2021

Manchester evening

After 11 whole days enjoying 'The Great Indoors' my isolation has finally come to an end. The lambs have put on weight since I last saw them.

Caught Covid

24th June 2021

Manchester evening

Just when I thought it was safe to venture out, I caught it. Had a rough few days, but through the worst now. Final day of self isolation!

Evening, Manchester

10th June 2021

Manchester evening

Made it into Manchester for some late night cocktails. Love all the new bars, outdoor seating and pedestrianised streets that have opened up recently.

Edit: It transpired that I caught Covid-19 on this evening. Still had a great time.

Revisiting cassettes

28th May 2021

Cassette player

Unearthing some old cassettes from the 1990s and letting them play for the first time in years. Lovely to hear some buzzing and hissing, modern formats are way too clean.

The Murder Stone

20th May 2021

The Murder Stone, Disley

My hike last night took me past 'The Murder Stone', on the road between Disley and Whaley Bridge. A terrible crime that took place in this beautiful setting almost 200 years ago.

Vaccination #1

11th May 2021

Kristian Scott in face covering

First jab is in the arm! The setup at SportCity Manchester was impressive, such an efficient system that still felt personable. God bless the NHS!

Lunch on the rocks

7th May 2021

Sandwich at Black Rocks

One of the best things about working from home is having my 'office sandwich' away from the desk. Photo taken at Black Rocks, Disley.

'New' vinyl

5th May 2021

WDW album cover

Found this childhood favourite in the £2 box at New Mills record shop. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Night hikes

27th April 2021

Factory at night

As the days get longer, I'm getting further afield with some late evening hikes. I took this shot before losing the sun completely and switching to torch light.

Cage Hill

22nd April 2021

Cage Hill, Lyme Park

The orienteering push continues, I have visited almost two thirds of the 'controls' in Lyme Park and have discovered some unique spots off the beaten track.

Stepping forwards

19th April 2021

Hoylake beach

Drove out to West Kirby beach for an old fashioned day at the seaside. I was snapping away on my iPhone and got lucky with this shot.


15th April 2021

orienteering post

I'm giving orienteering a stab. It's a competetive sport to many, but to me it's treasure hunting for grown ups. I found eight 'controls' today in Lyme Park, many more to go.

Friends reunited...

10th April 2021


Finally got back together with friends today after a bleak winter. I relaxed my recent veggie lifestyle for this steak. Oh, and it snowed.

First post

30th March 2021

Brookbottom Road

Another beautiful evening, a feeling of change in the air.