Kristian Scott

Kristian Scott

About this website

I love the early web, especially the home-made, personal websites that appeared in places like Geocities in the late 1990s.

In the days before social media, a personal website was a little patch of the internet where you could let people know all about you. This website is a nostalgic attempt to keep the spirit of the old web alive. It's also fun to code.


Everything on this website is hand-coded in semantic HTML using Microsoft Visual Studio Code. I've used a classless CSS framework to keep things looking neat, tidy and mobile responsive. Site updates are made the old fashioned way, using a computer.


Early web page file sizes were tiny by todays standards. However, loading times felt slow due to the dial-up connection speed. Coming in (on average) at about 56kb a page, this website is light, fast, green and doesn't eat into data plans. Admittedly, the blog photos are a bit of an indulgence but I'll keep everything super compressed.

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